DYI Make your own Baccarat Set

Baccarat has been a popular high society game. Many people play Baccarat just because of its reputation and media exposure through several popular movies such as James Bond. Now you have gotten the idea of Baccarat being a high class game and you now want to be able to host your own parties with Baccarat as main attraction. Nevertheless you refuse to spend on overprized Baccarat set and equipment and you have instead chosen to do it yourself. Making your own unique Baccarat set is indeed easy and affordable.

The first part of every Baccarat set is the playing cards. You can make your own cards by buying card board in any arts and crafts store and use your own designs to create your cards for Baccarat. Draw the designs either by hand or use computer programs such as Photoshop or Publisher to help you with the design. These programs also offer ready-made templates to make the execution easier.

The next component of a Baccarat set is the chip that you use for the bets. These chips can easily be bought for a very affordable price. But if you really insist on making your own then you have the options of buying ready-made chip template that you just remove from their box and decorate or paint on. Then you can also do the extreme do-it-yourself version where you buy your own plastic or clay, and simply form your own chips.

An important part of the Baccarat set is the Baccarat table layout or also called table felt. This part of the Baccarat set you can simply do yourself by buying a felt or fleece fabric in the color of your desire in any textile shop. The ornaments and lines on the table layout can be painted on, but you have to be very careful not to mess it up. Another method here is to save a design on your flash disk, run to the next textile printing specialist and you will have your design printed in the color of your desire and it will come out neat and clean looking, just like you bought it from a Baccarat shop.

The last component that is important to any Baccarat set is the paddle. The paddle is used to move the Baccarat cards and the main material that you can use is either wood or plastic. Wood is the optimal material for any paddle. Buy yourself a thin slab of wood, and get your sculpture groove on. Sculpt and chafe the wood until it has the desired paddle form it needs for the do-it-yourself Baccarat set.

Now with everything component of your Baccarat set in place, you only need your domicile cleaned up and the party guests invited, and then you can start enjoying the fruits of your hard labor in constructing your Baccarat set.